Kate Walsh concert tomorrow!

Finally, I got to "beat" my other half and got the chance to bring home free tickets for a gig. Free stuff always shows up in short notice, but still I managed to reschedule our cats Vet appointment for later in the week.
Therefore, tomorrow night, we are going to see Kate Walsh at the Martin Harris Centre for Music and Drama, which is located in the University of Manchester.

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Kate Walsh is a British, Brighton-based, singer-songwriter. In her bio, this is how she is portrayed:

"Calling Kate Walsh a singer songwriter is like saying Van Gogh was a cartoonist. Kate is, er, different. A 26-year-old from a sailing town in Essex who’s been likened to Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush and Jane Austen, she’s ferociously independent…in every sense. She adores Debussy, studies cello, listens constantly to Classic FM (and little else), bemoans the demise of vinyl and CDs (she finally got an iPod when iTunes gave her one after her last album ‘Tim’s House’ knocked Take That off the top of the download chart but rarely uses it), is entertainingly scathing about the conventional music industry (“it’s fickle, selfish, impersonal and backstabbing”) – and has established her own cottage industry to do it her way. And when she sits down to write a song you’d better lock up your hearts for you instantly become Kate’s close personal confidante as she bares her soul with shocking candour."

And for a little taste of Kate's music...

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