Oli Brown: how a cult is born

A few weeks ago, I went to see Kirsty Almeida's gig art Band ont he Wall. And this great venue has a very cool deal: if you dine in spending 9£, you get a free ticket to a show of your choice. After scanning the options, Oli Brown was the choice. And man, what a great choice!!

I confess that not knowing Oli's music at all, and given the music style he palys - Blues -, it would be far more interesting if I didn't "Google" him. And I was right!

I couldn't find a video from the evening, but check this recent one, earlier this month. See how he commands the guitar with majesty. There's a lot of technique, no doubt, but there's passion. And technique without passion is nothing. Not an issue for Oli.

I had a great night and knowing barely nothing about him made it even better. He is seriously, seriously good!! His bassist and drummer are top-notch as well. There is a great chemistry among them.

For such a young musician (only 21 yo), he sure knows how to appeal to an audience, engage with it, and set the ambience for good and honest feedback from everyone. He did a great job with the line-up, mixing old and new vibes, his own tracks along with covers.

The sound at Band on the Wall was crystal clear, defined, a must! So, props to Band on the Wall's sound engineer as well! He surely deserves it, especially after having to cope with Oli walking around the venue, including upstairs in the balcony, to play right in front of the fans, like in a one-o-one teasing exercise.

Definitely, recommended! If you want to buy his album, great! But do check him out when playing live. That's how you'll get the buzz!

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