Kate Walsh's concert

I am not going to write too much about the experience of this concert. All I can say, is that each day I get more enthusiastic about small venues where the audience who attends really wants to be there, listening to the music and participating of the good vibes that emanate from that communion, and not be chatting along and drinking as if they were in a pub.

Also for this reason, I can say this was definitely another special concert. The venue was lovely as well, comfy and with excellent acoustics. It's no wonder that is more frequently used by classical music instrumentalists.

And the music... well, I got a warm fuzzy feeling inside. It was very nice to hear such a nice and delicate voice like Kate's, so close to me.

When the concert ended, Kate went outside to greet the fans and me and my husband got to chat a bit with her. While I snatched an autograph in the ticket, she kept looking at us saying she had the feeling she knew us from somewhere. Strange, but funny all the same. At last, I asked her if she had ever been to Portugal, and she replied that she'd been there loads of times, and that she loved it over there, sharing fond memories of "Bairro Alto" and acknowledging that Portuguese was the only language to have a word for the feeling of missing someone, i.e., SAUDADE.

Kate was really charming, sweet and approachable, both on and off stage, which is why we had such a wonderful evening.


Sharon den Adel said...

i hate u both! how do u get to go to so many concerts!?!?:P

Cassandra666 said...

Persistence, my dear. Concorremos a muitos e, de vez em quando, lá temos sorte de nos saírem umas borlas. E espero que assim continue que nós estamos a adorar o banho cultural. :)