Wish List

It is not a surprise that my wish list should include music, so I'll just get started. Summer is approaching and I believe many interesting albums are about to see the light of the day.

My current wishes are:
1) Hoje - Amália Hoje (to be launched on the 27th April)
2) Oquestrada - Tasca Beat: O Sonho Português (to be launched on the 27th April)
3) Gomo - Nosy (to be launched soon)

Can't wait to have this! I am especially happy for Oquestrada whose work I've been following in the past years. I miss seeing them @ Incrível Almadense. I just hope people don't start saying they are copying Deolinda... Oquestrada have been out there for ages and after a lot of time playing live they now moved to the next stage, not that they chased it. Maybe Deolinda's success led to it, and before Deolinda we had A Naifa. I really don't think that is the point. What really matters is that is is great Portuguese music, they are all different projects with a Portuguese feeling and vibe, and we should just embrace it. It is the sort of music that makes us feel good, at home, happy and proud.


Gomo said...

Glad you're excited to hear from me, soon. Good choice.

[Cassandra] said...

Yes, can't wait to have the new album! I was just waiting for it to come out and order all 3 from my wish list.
Thanks for dropping by.