Camden Town

Today, I went briefly to Camden Town - my first London experience - and, on a Liberty day, I felt at home in the sense I felt comfortable among the huge amount of people circulating (yesterday it was really crowded, as there was a huge music event held in 40 venues all acroos the town), and relieved for being away from a town where nothing happens apart from random sketches of drunk people wandering around almost- every - single - day.
Another good part of my brief visit was bringing loads of Portuguese goodies from Ferreira Delicatessen [no translation available next]: marmelada, tremoços, azeite, chouriço, linguiça, cerveja Coral, leite com chocolate UCAL, sal grosso, e uns quantos bolinhos secos que não duraram muito tempo.
So, overall, I definitely ascertained that I need to live somewhere at least half as busy as Camden Town and will definitely go back there as soon as an opportunity arises. Gotta check that Dr. Martens store too...hmmm :)


Marshmallow said...

Hum!!!!E a bica e o pastelinho de nata? Tenho de ir cuscar!! Ai tenho, tenho!

[Cassandra] said...

A bica bebe-se em casa, mas havia pastelinho de nata, bolo de arroz, bola de berlim e bolo de feijão.