Sainsbury's problem sorted

Sainsbury's problem sorted today, after 5 phone calls and some tweets! It took them about 3 weeks, almost 4 to finally sort it.

I am giving them the benefit of doubt and attempted a 3rd online purchase. Let's see what will happen.

Sainsbury’s is definitely my favourite supermarket but I must say that the Online service is terrible compared to the experience of shopping in store.

I really miss Continente (Portuguese supermarket)! They were always professional and their online service never failed.


Susana said...

About Continente: "were", not "are"...

Cassandra666 said...

What do you mean?

Eugénio said...

Nunca comprei online em supermercado nenhum.. mas tenho Tesco/Asda/Sainsbury/Morrisons/Lidl/Aldi todos num raio de 3 milhas!

Favorito: Morrisons

Cassandra666 said...

O meu favorito continua a ser o Sainsbury's. Actualmente, só tenho Morrison's e Aldi de um lado, e Tesco de outro, mas não estão a "walking distance". Ou melhor, estão se andar uns 20 minutos a pé.
O Morrison's gosto pela peixaria. De vez em quando, arranja-se qualquer coisita.