Kirsty Almeida's concert

What a great gig last night!

There were 3 acts opening for Kirsty Almeida that are definitely worth the mention.
  • Rioghnach Connolly and The Running Club were very interesting. Rioghnach has a type of soulful voice in the likes of Adele. Her effortless singing amazed me a lot.

  • The Running Club could be just another rock band, but that punk and ska feel mixed altogether makes them relevant. Plus, some of the lyrics of the songs were very good.

  • And finally, the last supporting act, filled the stage and left me with a big, big smile. Quirky Camila Fiori aka Damsel Dusty was quite a treat to my ears! The performance, the outfit, the poise, the articulation of her wording was definitely a fine moment and a goodwarm up for Kirsty.

Kirsty is definitely one to watch. And what a fantastic set of musicians she has!! She is jazz, she is soul, she is blues, she is rock... and she does it in great style, as well. Mind you! In the world of today, to find an artist who just wants to be like herself, and not one of the pack, as she clearly gave away when addressing the Decca issue, is something to cherish.

As for the music itself, regardless of the styles she embraces, which showcase her cultural background and her life experiences, the truth is the sound is quite intricate, clean, effortless, simple, and simple is always good in my book. And yet, she can do so much with it on a live venue.

Some of my favourite moments were when Kirsty sang "Cool Down Rewind", which left me daydreaming, and later the duet with acoustic guitarist Jasper - another incredible moment, full of tenderness, with no rush, where time seemed suspended from its routine. I sure enjoy moments like these.

A final note to the venue as well. Band on the Wall is really up my street. Just sad I couldn't stay longer to say hi to Kirsty, with whom I had been exchanging messages through Myspace, and maybe get an autograph on her CD, as I had to rush to get the train back home. :D

Hopefully, some other time.

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