First days at JJB...

... or how I like to call it, Jar Jar Binks Fitness Club.
Finally, pushed by the ever haunting numbers on the scales and the need to relax, me and my hubbie finally registered at the gym.
The location is convenient, I personally have a little discount on the monthly cost and everything seems to be slick and smooth. The fitness instructors seem nice and helpful, and made us an induction to get to know the facilities. The gym itself is nice and I felt extactic when, on the secoond day, I noticed that the rowing machines where from the make CONCEPT II! I'll explain: I am an indoor rowing fan, and used to practice and compete in national championships, in those rowers. Compared to other makes, they are defintely the best & toughest ones. In fact, they are the rowers that outdoor rowers use to practice in harsh winter times, so that you can understand how good they need to be.
Right, next, the favourite part: pool, steam room and jacuzzi. Really, I felt I was in holidays.
We may go to the gym just to hang in that area.

Monday body condition: every muscle in my body hurts. I am really out of practice. Bah!!

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