Trip to Portugal

I have been away for a week or so, in Portugal, to see family and friends. I came to the evident conclusion that I haven´t been able to rest not a bit, between visits and appointments to the doctor. However, and despite all the boring and tiring rain, and the humidity which gave me a cold (what a poisonous gift!), at least I was able to enjoy some nice company, specially seeing my lovely nieces and the opportunity to see my long lasting friend C. who is about to be a mummy.
I wasn´t able to see everyone so I´m hoping next time the ones I missed can come and visit me. It would be nice.


Anonymous said...




pk é k deixaste ca a chuva, hein!!!?!?

[Cassandra] said...

Não queremos cá dessas coisas. Chuva? Bah!!! A gente gosta é de neve!! Iupiii!!