Day out in Lichfield

Today we went to Lichfield, a week after our photoshoot, to do the viewing and choose the photos we wanted to purchase with the voucher I won. We decided to get an album for now, to keep as many photos as possible, and hopefully in a month or so we'll have the end product in our hands. The photos are just great and we were amazed how good we looked in them.

We also stroll around the city - I have already gone there a few times for job interviews, so I acted a bit as a guide to my hubbie. It was a shame the weather didn't help - lots of tiny rain and fog - but later in the afternoon, although already dark, we managed to get some picures. As soon as we have picked the best ones, I'll post them here. Unfortunately, we couldn't take pictures inside Lichfield's state of the art architectural achievement - Lichfield Cathedral - because service was taking place when we went there.

I do love Lichfield, specially comparing it to Burton where I live, because it has a lot more character, a nice vibe, and a quirky architecture with a pleasant flow on the streets. And for the shopaholics... there is an area where most of the shops are located that has protections outside, so that you can do some window shopping without getting wet. This is something that really surprises me in England: it rains frequently and there are no protections for pedestrians. I can understand that their architecture is different than the latin one, so building houses with loads of balconies isn't obviously their style (and I do like seeing different styles), but I don't understand why there aren't rain protection solutions everywhere.

The afternoon ended with a nice homemade chocolate bar we purchased at The Tudor of Lichfield - a tea house since 1935 located in a building dating back to 1510. Very, very tempting!

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