Music made in Portugal - Some of the best of 2008

Recently returned from Portugal, my hubbie brought home some of the best albums launched this year by Portuguese artists. Some of them I already knew but didn't get the chance to buy before coming to the UK. Others were released after I left. There are still a few others missing... Maybe I'll just add them to my wish list.

Mafalda Arnauth - Flor de fado

Rose Blanket - Our early balloons

Rádio Macau - Oito

Novembro - À deriva

Deolinda - Canção ao lado

David Fonseca - Dreams in colour

Rita Redshoes - Golden era

And by the way, although I cannot attend, for those of you who can, Mafalda Arnauth will be singing at this year's Atlantic Waves, on November, the 10th.

From the 1st to the 11th of November, other renowned Portuguese artists will also be playing at different venues such as:

- Mariza (2/11)
- Gaiteiros de Lisboa (5/11)
- Rodrigo Leão with Durutti Column (6/11)

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