A new start!

It is always difficult to make a new start. There lies the thrill. And the growth.

In a both cautious and avid tone, I am starting a new life.
In the public eye of old mates and perhaps curious perfect strangers, I am hoping to unleash some demons, share some thoughts and new dreams, make you a part, at some point, of my new experiences. Me and my new life, in the United Kingdom.

Azure Ray - "New Resolution"

"move on, move on.
It’s like the clock is pacing
the break of dawn, and our hearts are racing.
move on, move on...
there's nothing changing.

don't undermine,
my new resolution.
just to find,
a different light, a new direction."


Tágide said...

Sai um blog fresquinho!

Tágide said...

Olha já coloquei as fotos dos dvds no meu blog.
Tem um bom dia.